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Check out my creations at YouTube! =^_^=

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Oct 14, 2013

My giveaway prize was featured in a video!

Recently I had a 300 subscriber giveaway, and the winner, Steph10892, made a video featuring my prize to her! :) That was so nice of her! She makes super cool cards so make sure to check out her YouTube channel!

P.S. My giveaway prize is the second price, not the first one with the lama stamps. :)

I was mentioned in yet another crafty blog!

This is amazing! Another blogger, HumblyCreative, or Frank, mentioned me on her blog. :) She liked my paper out of a napkin technique, and featured it on her page. Make sure to check out her blog, I'm sure you will like it! :)

I was featured on a blog!

Yay! Those of you who follow my YouTube channel, know that I have had giveaways recently. :) The winner of the 200 subscriber giveaway, SoulComfort, liked her prize so much so she wrote about it on her blog! So cool! This is the first time I have been mentioned on someones blog! :)

Make sure to check out SoulComforts blog here! She makes crafts and cards too, so I bet you will enjoy it! :)

Oct 4, 2013

Crochet Heart Card

Hello! :) This time I made a crochet heart card, and used the free pattern that I found on Google! :) The link to the hearts can be found here:

And the tutorial on my card can be found on my YouTube channel. Enjoy! :)